Web publishing is the process and execution of publishing original content onto the Internet. Web publishing includes personal, community and business websites, blogs and ebooks. Text articles or posts, digital pictures,... More »

To cite a website in MLA format find the author or editor names, the article name, the title of the website, the date the material was published and the URL (if required). You will also need the date you accessed the mat... More »

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In order to become a web developer, an individual needs to earn an associate's or bachelor's degree in web design. Before pursuing jobs, developers should also have knowledge of graphic design and computer programming. More »

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As of 2015, Internet users can search for Web addresses by using the domain search tool on a domain hosting website, such as GoDaddy.com, Register.com and DomainRegistration.com. Users can search for any domain name and ... More »

A Web proxy is an Internet connection in which the user's computer connects to a remote computer, called a proxy server, which transmits data to and from the Web and user on behalf of the user. The primary reasons for pr... More »

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A Web address, or URL, is an Internet address that denotes the location of a specific webpage, file or document on the World Wide Web. URL is a short for the term "uniform resource locator." Every page or file located on... More »

Web design is the process of designing the look and functionality of website pages. A Web designer spends her time developing the look and feel of websites to make them both functional and visually pleasing. More »

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