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What are the symptoms of heart failure in a child? · Swelling (edema) of the feet, ankles, lower legs, belly (abdomen), liver, and neck veins · Trouble breathing,&nbs...


Shortness of breath that may occur with or without chest discomfort. Other signs include breaking out in a cold sweat, feeling weak, nauseous, or lightheaded.


The second table summarizes symptoms that occur because the heart can no longer pump enough blood to meet the body's needs, which causes poor blood circulation.


Discusses possible causes of chest pain, which include angina, heart attack, ... Covers heart attack symptoms. ... Light-headedness or sudden weakness.


Jun 24, 2021 ... For a healthy heart, here are some silent signs of heart trouble you should ... “If your heart is really weak, it can cause heart rhythm ...


Heart failure (HF), also known as congestive heart failure (CHF) and (congestive) cardiac ... Signs and symptoms of heart failure commonly include shortness of breath, ...


Chest pain could be simple indigestion or symptoms of heart attack. Knowing what the heart attack warning signs are and how to respond could save a life.


When you have heart block, there is interference with the electrical signals that usually move from ... Read on to learn about causes, symptoms, and treatment.


Oct 23, 2020 ... 11 Common signs of an unhealthy heart · What to do if you have one or more of these symptoms · 5 Ways to keep a healthy heart · Heart disease ...


Jun 25, 2021 ... When the heart is weakened significantly, blood and fluid can back ... Heart failure symptoms in elderly individuals are often confused with ...


Heart attack symptoms can sometimes be hard to detect. Here are 4 early signs to look for.