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Some sites that allow users to sell used books and novels online include Amazon.com, AbeBooks.com and Powells.com. Sellers can also consult a book scouting site such as BookScouter.com to get price quotes from numerous websites.


Powells.com sells used Spanish books online. These include novellas like Memoria de Mis Putas Tristes and Spanish lesson books, such as Breaking Out of Beginner's Spanish.


The best ways to sell goods online varies depending on the type of good being sold. Some websites such as eBay and Amazon are ideal for selling physical goods, while other specialized sites are best for selling digital goods and services. Craigslist is also useful for s...


One can sell used books at almost any used bookstore including prominent used bookstore chains such as Half Price Books. They can also sell books online to Internet booksellers such as Barnes & Noble or Powell's City of Books.


A number of online book-buying services, such as Book Scouter and Campus Books, purchase books and textbooks from individual sellers. These services allow the seller to search online and determine the resale value of the books before agreeing to a sale.


Websites such as Createspace, Lulu, and Blurb all offer options for the publication of print and e-books. Usually, you will have to set up an account through your email, and then the website will guide you step by step through the content, binding and cover processes of...


In most cases, a literary agent is responsible for selling an author's book to a publisher. An agent acts as a liaison between author and publisher, negotiating the publishing contract to benefit the author. Some publishers accept pitches and manuscripts directly from a...