You can pull out a loose tooth using tweezers, gauze or, for added grip, fingers, notes Plaza Dental Group. However, the easiest way to extract a loose tooth from a child's mouth is to allow the tooth to fall out on its ... More » Health Dental

When left alone, a loose tooth takes a few months to come out on its own. However, if a child wiggles a loose tooth, it comes out far more quickly. More »

Professional dental extraction is the best treatment for loose tooth. Pulling the loose tooth using a string or dental floss may include drawing out the gum that surrounds it, which causes more damage. More »

It is possible to pull out a tooth, particularly a baby tooth, at home by wrapping the tooth in gauze and gently pulling, according to Modern Mom. A tooth should be extracted at home only if it is already loose enough to... More » Health Dental

Affordable dentistry options in the Mexican city of Los Algadones are the Sani Dental Group, Dental Solutions and Castle Dental. Typical prices include teeth cleaning for $30, a composite filling for $40, an upper or low... More » Health Dental

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A person can control bleeding from a tongue bite by squeezing or pressing the bleeding site with gauze or a piece of clean cloth, WebMD recommends. Before attempting to stop the bleeding, it is important to wash the hand... More »