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Mechanical waves transfer energy by inducing vibrations in the propagation medium. Electromagnetic waves do not require a medium for propagation, but still transfer energy by having an electric and magnetic field propagate perpendicular to one another.


Sound waves transfer energy by causing successive compressions and rarefactions in the particles of the medium without transporting the medium particles themselves. Sound in solids can also manifest as transverse waves, causing crests and troughs in the propagation medi...


A person can transfer money by using money transfer companies, such as MoneyGram, iKobo, Paypal or Western Union, according to HowStuffWorks. Fees may be incurred for the transfer of funds.


Waves are vibrations that transfer energy through a medium without causing the individual particles of a medium to move significantly from their equilibrium or position of rest. Once a wave has passed, the particles that comprise a medium tend to return to their respect...


Electromagnetic waves carry electromagnetic energy, also known as electromagnetic radiation, through matter, empty space, momentum and angular momentum. Depending on their frequency and wavelength, electromagnetic waves create different types of phenomena, including vis...


Individuals can transfer money electronically by using a bank-to-bank transfer or an online payment tool. They can also send money from one account to another by using a wire transfer, according to About.com.


In order to transfer money online, visit a money transfer site, such as Western Union or MoneyGram. Choose the country where the money is going, the amount, the ZIP Code where the money is coming from, how the money will be received on the other end, such as cash or dep...