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The LITE-UP Texas program helps low-income households afford the cost of electric utilities over the summer months. Qualified individuals who submit an enrollment form receive a discount on their utility bill.


Waves are caused by wind blowing on the ocean surface. Stronger winds cause larger waves. Variations in wind speed and duration determine the size and frequency of waves. The horizontal length of the wave is established by the horizontal distance between its two crests and the vertical length is est


The top of a wave is called the crest of a wave. It is the point on the wave that has the maximum height value.


When the sun heats the air, it causes the air to become lighter and float upwards. When hot air floats upwards, cooler air rushes in to take its place. The rush of the cool air against the water creates ripples, which eventually turn into waves.


A light wave is a type of electromagnetic wave. Light waves on the electromagnetic spectrum include those that are visible as well as those that are invisible to the human eye.


Transverse waves have two parts: a crest, which is the highest point of the wave, and the trough, which is the lowest part of the wave. Longitudinal waves also have two parts: compression, which are areas of high molecular density, and rarefactions, which are areas of low molecular density.


Water waves are generally classified as deep-water waves or shallow-water waves. Deep-water waves are produced through oscillation, occurring when the water depth surpasses half the length of the waves. Shallow-water waves meanwhile, are generated through translation, occurring when the depth of wat


Waves are formed as a result of wind blowing across the top of water. In general, the stronger the wind, the bigger the wave, although the angle and duration of wind also affects the strength of the wave.


A 12-ounce serving of Miller Lite contains 96 calories. It also contains 3.2 grams of carbohydrates, 0.9 grams of protein and has 4.2 percent alcohol content. Miller Lite is produced by the MillerCoors brewery of Milwaukee, Wis.


Miller Lite's alcohol by volume is 4.2 percent, like most light beers in the U.S. The term "light beer" refers to a beer with reduced calorie or alcohol content.