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A customer can buy lighting fixtures either online or from a local store. Shopping for fixtures online allows customers to buy directly from the manufacturer or one of their dealers. A customer also can ask around to find stores near them that sell lighting fixtures.


To install a new light fixture, make sure the power is turned off, and know what the different colored wires mean. Copper wire is ground wire, and it is green. White wire is neutral, and black or red wire is the current wire.


Find replacement parts for light fixtures at Westinghouse Lighting, Home Depot or Global Industrial. Westinghouse Lighting manufactures both light fixture accessories and bulk lighting hardware, while Home Depot distributes various lighting parts and accessories as a retailer, including Westinghouse


When choosing an underwater pool lighting fixture, pool owners must first decide if they want halogen, LED or fiber optic lighting. Next, they need to choose between flush-mounted or surface-mounted lights.


Types of bathroom lighting include ceiling lights, wall sconces and vanity lights. Light fixtures should match the finish of bathroom sink faucets for maximum aesthetic appeal.


Different types of ceiling light fixtures include chandeliers, lights that are fixed directly to the ceiling, pendants, recessed lights and track lights. Chandeliers are hung from the ceiling and have arms that direct light upwards.


Light fixtures are available for purchase on Walmart.com and at its retail locations throughout the United States. Better Homes and Gardens, Mainstays and Kenroy Homes are a few of the well known brands that provide light fixtures to Wal-Mart customers.


To install a fixture with a chain, turn off the power, remove the existing light fixture, pre-assemble the new fixture and connect the wires from the new fixture to those in the ceiling box. Chandelier chains typically adjust to different lengths to meet different requirements.


Restoration lighting fixtures feature sleek industrial lines, shiny or distressed finishes, and unshaded bulbs. The style reflects the forms developed in the beginning stages of electrical lighting from the 1890s and early twentieth century. It also incorporates elements of 1920s decor and mid-centu


Replace an outdoor lighting fixture by turning off the power to the circuit that feeds it, removing the old fixture, connecting the wires to the new one, and attaching the new fixture to the electrical box. Turn on the power, and the light is ready for use.