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Alanita Travel is located at 87 Common Street in Watertown, Massachusetts. The business is located in a house and does not have a sign. Alanita Travel recommends following driving directions on its website rather than using a GPS unit.


Users can visit Watertown Savings Bank's website, which has a page showing all locations, to find the nearest branch to them. The bank is based in Massachusetts and, as of 2015, has locations in Arlington, Watertown, Belmont, Newton, Lexington, North Waltham and Waltham...


Watertown, New York, has a number of general auto dealerships including Watertown Auto Sales, FX Caprara Car Companies and Widrick Auto Sales. The city also hosts specialist dealerships such as Davidson Ford of Watertown and Waite Toyota. All of these dealerships are lo...


There is one outlet mall in Watertown, New York called Waterloo Premium Outlets, as of 2015. There is also an indoor shopping mall in Watertown called Salmon Run Mall.


The address of the Menards store in Watertown, South Dakota, is 2100 Ninth Avenue SE, Watertown, SD, 57201. The phone number of this store is 605-886-0280 as of 2015.


The Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded by a group of British Puritan refugees under Governor John Winthorp in 1630. The Puritans disagreed with the Church of England and came to Massachusetts seeking religious freedom. It was one of the original 13 British colonies se...


Massachusetts is located in the northeastern United States. The state is bordered by New York on the west side, Rhode Island and Connecticut on the south side and New Hampshire and Vermont on the north side.