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The modern backpack was invented by Dick Kelty in 1952. Kelty, who was an avid hiker, came up with the design as a more efficient and comfortable alternative to the military gear that was generally used for hiking at the time.


Backpacks should only be washed once or twice a year. To wash a backpack, you will need the backpack itself, a washing machine, detergent, warm water, a container, an old toothbrush, an old pillowcase and an old towel. This process should take several hours.


Some types of designer backpacks are the Marc by Marc Jacobs Domo Arigato Packrat Color Block Backpack, the MZ Wallace Jewel Print Metro Backpack and the Rebecca Minkoff Star Perforated Backpack. The Salvatore Ferragamo Small Giuliette Backpack and the Burberry London N...


There are a variety of products and methods to waterproof boots, but one simple method requires rubbing pure beeswax on slightly warmed boots and removing the excess. This method uses one ingredient and takes approximately one hour to complete.


As of 2015, some highly rated waterproof or watertight boxes include the Survivor Dry Box from MTM, the Watertight Box from Outdoor Products, the Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box from Plano, and the Scuba Diving Waterproof Dry Box from Scuba Choice, according to custome...


Leading waterproof phone case makers include Lifeproof, EscapeCapsule, Aryca and Vansky. Most of these companies manufacture protective cases for different brands and models of smartphones, including iPhone and Android varieties.


To waterproof wood, clean and dry the surface, and apply multiple coats of a waterproofing agent. These agents can be oils, varnishes, primers, stains or sealers and are available at most hardware stores. It can take hours or days to complete this project, depending on ...