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Even if you really love watermelons it doesn’t mean the Watermelon Diet is suitable for you. There are plenty of weight-loss programs you can choose from so feel free to check our dedicated section for more diet plans, weight-loss tips and information!


The watermelon diet can help you lose weight, reduce inflammation, and cleanse your body of toxins — at least according to the Internet chatter. Separate the facts from fiction here. Hear what a ...


Watermelon is characterized by its high water content and low calories. That’s why it is a great ally for weight loss and for developing the figure you want. Here is a list of watermelon’s properties and benefits for weight loss: Diuretic and blood tonic. This means it eases liquid and waste elimination from the body.


The Watermelon Diet. There are many variations of the watermelon diet that you can try, but we found this one as the most effective and easy to follow. Below is a 10-day weight loss meal plan based on high watermelon intake. The breakfast, however, will always be the same: a slice or two of watermelon, a slice of toast, and a cup of cooled tea ...


As mentioned above, watermelon is rich in water content and it has low calories and both these things are required for weight loss. The other benefits of watermelon diet and watermelon’s properties for weight loss are given below. It is considered a Blood tonic and is a diuretic as well


In this article, we will be writing about watermelon for weight loss diet. The watermelon diet is a superb way of losing weight and it naturally detoxifies the body, without leaving you hungry. The watermelon diet is known as one of the healthiest weight loss diets because it not only shows positive results but also provides you energy.


Green Tea For Weight Loss Diet. Using green tea for weight loss is an effective and easy way to shed excess fat and get into great shape without having to go on a strict diet. Egg Grapefruit Diet. The egg grapefruit diet becomes very popular because it can burn fat and shed lots of pound of you in a matter of few days.


Thanks to all of watermelon's health benefits, the watermelon diet is the latest wellness trend. It's not an official diet, rather almost like a cleanse, since watermelon has such a high water content. Still, the diet claims it can boost weight loss and help get rid of your body's excess water, toxins, salts and other impurities.


Watermelon diet plan. The basis of the diet is the consumption of a large amount of pulp of watermelon. Other products make up a small fraction. But they should also be eaten with caution. All watermelon diet plans not only promotes weight loss but also saturates the body with vitamins and beneficial substances. 3-day watermelon diet


Eating less to lose weight isn't easy if you're always hungry -- the key is to eat foods that help you feel full for longer. Watermelon is a good candidate for prolonging fullness. Each wedge has 5 percent of the daily recommended intake for fiber, which slows digestion and promotes satiety.