Top contemporary wildlife artists include Terry Redlin, Art LaMay, Phillip Crowe, Harold Roe and Jim Killen. Well-known in the 1930s and 1940s, Roland Clark, Richard Bishop and Frank Benson are some of the most notable w... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Good online taxidermy classes include instruction on mounting large gamehead, small mammals, raccoons, coyotes, waterfowl and turkeys. Hobbyists and students can also take taxidermy classes focused on elk, bobcats, antel... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

As of 2015, artist Terry Redlin is still alive and resides in the city of Watertown, South Dakota, on the shores of Lake Kampeska. The city is also home to the Redlin Art Center, which houses over 150 of Terry Redlin's o... More » Art & Literature Fine Art
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Purchase Personal Preference art prints through eBay and other resellers; since the company is no longer operating, there are no large retailers selling the brand as of 2016. Other possible sources of Personal Preference... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Some unframed prints by Bev Doolittle include "The Forest Has Eyes," "Doubled Back" and "Sacred Ground." Bev Doolittle is an American artist whose paintings often surround themes such as Native American and the American ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Popular P. Buckley Moss limited-edition prints include "In My Garden," "Morning at the Mill" and "The Railroad Station." Other common P. Buckley Moss limited-edition works are "Make Me an Offer" and "Under the Mistletoe.... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Pop art has influenced fashion through the use of various art forms, including fashion illustration, photography and the utilization of prints and designs taken from modern art and popular culture. Some artists that have... More » Art & Literature Fine Art