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How to Identify Waterford Crystal. Waterford Crystal is the brand name of beautiful crystal glassware and other crystal items. Its roots go back to Waterford, Ireland, beginning in the year 1793. Today, Waterford crystal is still produced...


The authenticity marking on pieces of Waterford crystal changed from the word 'Waterford' to a seahorse etching at the turn of the millennium as part of Waterford crystal's millennium series. Other ways to determine whether or not a piece is genuine Waterford crystal include checking for a gold label with the seahorse emblem, examining the ...


Look for an acid-etched ‘Waterford’ mark at the bottom of the article. Items made by the company from 1947 till 1999 will have this mark. Some items like vases, chandeliers, and lights manufactured after the year 1986 will have this mark etched in the grooves and folds of the crystal, since there may not be enough space at the foot of the item.


The sound of elegant, expensive Waterford crystal smashing on cement is bone-chilling. Beauty is being destroyed, but it’s for the right reason. At the Waterford Crystal factories, nothing less than perfection is allowed to be processed for sale – and pieces that don't make it hit the deck.


James Connolly is a retired Waterford Crystal Craftsman with 35 years experience in the crystal business offering unique services, including crystal appraisals, identification and authentication.


Because its hands-free, you can hold your precious Waterford Crystal with both hands while looking. Good luck with your search! This is the Magnifying Glass that I recommend to find your Waterford Crystal Acid Etch Mark and logo.


The expansive array of Waterford items (and knock-offs) on the market would make it nearly impossible to identify true Waterford crystal if not for one important quality shared by all of the company’s products: a Waterford crystal marking. Almost all true Waterford crystal items will have a brocade etching of the name, as pictured above.


Waterford Seahorse Trademark It’s a story with a curious beginning, carried forward by a mix of inspiration and logic to an entirely fitting conclusion. Legend has it that in 1947 when Mr. Bill Dolfin was the Personnel Manager of Waterford, he decided that the company needed a distinctive label for its crystal.


This video will show you if YOUR crystal is in fact Waterford Crystal. Included are pictures of Waterford Crystal Acid Etch Marks, Waterford Crystal Emblems,...


Tips for Identifying Waterford Crystal September 16, 2015 By irisabbey. David and I visited an amazing estate sale last Friday. Every estate sale is different, and this house overflowed with Waterford Crystal in the Colleen pattern.