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According to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), changes in water's pH levels are caused by the dumping of certain chemicals into water systems. Dumping may be done by communities, industries or individuals.


The pH level of a substance describes how acidic or basic it is. Substances with a higher pH level are more basic, while substances with a lower pH level are more acidic. A substance with a pH of 7 is considered neutral, neither acidic nor basic.


A good pH level depends on the substance in question. Some substances are meant to be more acidic and others more basic, while some substances should be neutral. For instance, stomach acid has a pH of 1, while pancreatic secretions are basic with a pH of 8.1.


The pH of pure water at 25 degrees Celsius is very close to 7. This pH value indicates that water is neutral, meaning that it is neither acidic nor basic. Acids have pH values lower than 7, and bases have pH values higher than 7.


A high pH level indicates alkaline in the water. In order to reduce the pH levels, an acid, such as vinegar, should be added to the water until the desired pH level is reached.


The ideal pH level of drinking water is between 6 and 8.5. The pH value of water is used to determine whether water is hard or soft. Pure water has a pH of 7, and water lower than 7 pH is considered acidic.


To find the pH of a solution, calculate the concentration of hydronium ions present in the solution. Water dissociates into a hydronium ion and hydrogen oxide. The pH level can be calculated using the expression pH= -log (H3O).


The pH level of sugar is 7 because sugar is neutral. The pH of any substance that is neither an acid nor base is 7.


In its natural form, salt does not have a pH balance. A pH balance is only used with solutions that are liquid based. The term pH refers to the hydrogen levels in a solution, which is what affects a solution's acidic/alkaline levels.


The pH level of milk is about 6. In comparison, water's pH level is 7. That is a significant difference because each level is 10 times different --either more or less-- than the level next to it.