Rheem, Jacuzzi and EcoSmart offer tankless water heaters. These units heat water on demand and eliminate a storage tank. They are available in point-of-use devices that install under the sink and whole-house models. More »

A hot water baseboard heating system uses a central boiler to heat water, distributing it to floor units throughout the home. These heaters radiate that heat out into the room, creating a convection current that moves wa... More »

Water heaters may produce a foul smell when microorganisms in water react with magnesium sacrificial anodes, producing a hydrogen sulfide gas that creates an odor similar to that of rotten eggs. This problem occurs most ... More »

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Water heaters from Rheem and other brands have been recalled for problems with air filter door switches and gas control valves. Additional recalls have been made for potential fire hazards and carbon monoxide poisonings. More »

Consumer Search ranks water heaters by looking at expert reviews, and some of the top brands included Whirlpool, Rheem and GE. Water heaters are ranked by the type of fuel used (propane, natural gas or electric); the way... More »

Although they’re not top rated, Rheem water heaters are still rated among the top 10 water heater brands by, including GE Appliances, AO Smith and Titan, as of 2015. The two Rheem water heaters that are... More »

Tankless water heaters are available at The Home Depot, Lowe's and Sears, as of 2015. All three companies offer units that are powered by natural gas or electricity. More »