Install a tankless water heater by making needed corrections to the vent sizing, mounting the heater and connecting service lines and pipes. Depending on where you're placing the heater, you may need to build a small wal... More »

Whether installing an electric or gas unit, a water heater requires hot and cold water lines and a drain for the temperature and pressure relief valve. The plumbing for this project requires copper tubing, fittings, a to... More »

Home Depot offers water heater delivery and installation. Home Depot offers a free, no-obligation consultation to customers interested in purchasing a hot water heater. Once a customer signs up for water heater installat... More »

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To install a tankless water heater, install a vent pipe to the outside, mount the heater to the wall, and attach water pipes. If this new tankless water heater replaces an old water heater, reuse or replace the venting a... More »

The cost to install a tankless hot water heater can vary, depending on the type of gas pipes and electrical outlets in the home. For homes that do not require additional gas pipes and outlets, the price is approximately ... More »

The primary benefits of owning a tankless water heater are only heating water when it is needed and thus saving money. Tankless water heaters also reduce emissions from fossil fuels and provide continuous hot water, acco... More »

A tankless gas water heater is an appliance for providing hot water on demand. By only heating water when it’s needed, tankless gas water heaters save homes money by avoiding the need to continuously keep a tank of water... More »