Whether installing an electric or gas unit, a water heater requires hot and cold water lines and a drain for the temperature and pressure relief valve. The plumbing for this project requires copper tubing, fittings, a to... More »

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The water heaters at Lowe's range in price from $159 for a tankless water heater from AquaPower to $5,879.75 for a 100-gallon natural gas water heater from American Water Heater Company, as of early 2015. Lowe's also off... More »

Install a tankless water heater by making needed corrections to the vent sizing, mounting the heater and connecting service lines and pipes. Depending on where you're placing the heater, you may need to build a small wal... More »

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A water heater drain valve drains the water contained inside the unit. Repair or replacement of the water heater requires drainage of the water prior to beginning work. More »

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A water heater gas valve works by opening and closing to control the intake of gas, regulating the temperature in the water tank. The gas valve is controlled by a thermostat, which signals for the valve to open with low ... More »

To drain the water from a GE SmartWater Heater, turn off the gas to the unit, allow the water to cool, attach a garden hose to the drain, direct the hose to a safe location for the water to drain and open the valve. The ... More »

Homeowners can drain a Rheem water heater by turning off the power to the heater, shutting off the water supply and attaching a hose to the drain valve. If the bottom of the heater has sediment build-up, the user may hav... More »