Watching television does not cause any damage to your eyes, but it does strain your eyes. It may also cause headaches if someone watches television too much. More » Health Vision

It is generally legal for viewers to watch online television shows by streaming them, reports Business Insider. However, downloading online television shows or showing them to a substantial amount of people in a public p... More » Government & Politics Law Is This Illegal?

Reading a book is better than watching television as it gives the reader a chance to imagine the text themselves and develop their theory of mind. For children, this means there is a greater chance of developing a sense ... More » Art & Literature Literature
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Common causes of vision loss, which may occur in one or both eyes, include age-related macular degeneration, diabetes-related retinal damage, glaucoma, cataract and eye trauma, according to Healthgrades. Stroke, optic ne... More » Health Vision

Crossed eyes, also referred to as strabismus, is caused by a variety of factors that include congenital tumors, nerve disorders and weak eye muscles. According to WebMD, most individuals with strabismus are born with the... More » Health Vision

Home remedies for blepharitis include cleaning the eyes daily, lubricating the eyes and controlling dandruff and mites if they contribute to blepharitis, according to Mayo Clinic. If home remedies and insufficient, stero... More » Health Vision

Treatment options for broken blood vessels in the eyes include using eye drops, such as artificial tears, to soothe a scratchy feeling on the surface of the eye, according to Mayo Clinic. Although no further treatment is... More » Health Vision