As of 2015, most recently released film are only available legally for rent or purchase. Various websites, such as, offer free movies available for legal streaming, but most are not recently released films. V... More » Art & Literature

Many Punjabi movies are available for free streaming on,,, and YouTube. Most of the websites stream old movies for free, while the most recent movies are available at a price. ... More » Art & Literature

Free Cantonese movies online are typically on link repository sites that do not respect copyright. However, Cantonese movies can be watched online through legal, paying sites such as Fandor, Netflix and Cinflix. These si... More » Art & Literature
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There are full-length German movies available on YouTube for rent, for purchase and for free. One of the movies available for free as of August of 2015 is "Death Hospital -- SOVIA," a horror movie released in 2008. One o... More » Art & Literature

Film worksheets seek to identify different elements of a film, such as theme and plot. They can also ask a student to convey recurring film devices, meaning, motif and other structural parts of a film. More » Art & Literature

Any film that has passed into the public domain is completely legal to download without payment. In the United States, any film shown before the year 1923 is in the public domain. There are also a number of independent f... More » Art & Literature

Some of Kevin Costner's recent movies include "Black or White," "Draft Day" and "MacFarland, USA." Other recent Kevin Costner movies include "3 Days to Kill," "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" and "Man of Steel." More » Art & Literature