As of 2015, popular singers in gospel music videos include Adrienne Camp and Aaron Shust. Other popular names include Al Denson, Allan Hall, Andy Chrisman and Audrey Assad. More » Art & Literature

Some ways to listen to Ghana gospel music is by visiting websites such as, Listube and YouTube as of 2016. The Google Play application Ghana Gospel Music is another listening option. More » Art & Literature

MTV and YouTube are only two of the many websites that allow viewing of music videos online. Both platforms allow the listener to search for specific music videos or watch the highly recommended ones. More » Art & Literature
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Southern gospel music is a genre of music that originated in the Southeastern United States in the early part of the 20th century. It is intertwined with the Christian faith and its lyrics revolve around biblical teachin... More » Art & Literature

One way to learn to play gospel music is to access videos online at For example, videos exist in which teachers guide the users in playing gospel on the piano in all 12 keys. Additionally, tutorials on playi... More » Art & Literature

Bluegrass gospel music is an existing genre of music. Musicians have performed this type of music since the early days of bluegrass. It is stylistically similar to country gospel but is performed with the high-pitched ha... More » Art & Literature

Popular gospel singers include Bill and Gloria Gaither and Tamela Mann. As of 2015, they continue to tour the country, record new music, collaborate with music departments and choirs at churches, and participate in commu... More » Art & Literature