Green waste disposal involves taking green waste materials to landfills and recycling centers where it is converted into compost and mulch. Green waste is made up of bush and shrub clippings, lawn cuttings, garden waste ... More »

Improper waste disposal can cause soil, water and air pollution, interfere with biological waste treatment processes, take up valuable landfill space, pollute lakes and beaches, and injure sanitation workers. Hazardous m... More »

All cells in the body are constantly hard at work trying to maintain homeostasis, which means the cells are trying to keep the conditions in the body the same at all times. To do this, the cells must get rid of any waste... More »

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Trash disposal at landfills and dump sites consists of burying waste, either in an empty hole or within a purpose-built structure designed to isolate waste from surrounding soil and groundwater. Sanitary and municipal so... More »

Benefits of recycling plastic bottles include reduced waste in landfills, conservation of natural resources and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Other benefits are energy conservation and decreased pollution. More »

Progressive Waste Solutions offers a full array of services to residential customers, including curbside household waste collection, residential waste recycling, green waste collection, bulky item pickup and help with ha... More »

An individual’s ecological footprint evaluates all of the biological materials consumed and the subsequent waste generated. The materials and waste are linked to specific ecologically productive areas and then translated... More »