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Washing machines can stop agitating because of faulty motor couplings or non-functioning agitator dogs. Agitator dogs are plastic devices that can become stripped when they grab onto the agitator during the wash cycle.


A non-agitator washing machine is any clothes washing appliance that lacks an agitator component, a central spindle in the wash drum that twists and turns during a cycle. Agitators are typically only installed in top-loading washing machines, although not all top-loader...


Washing machines with agitators are available at retail outlets such as Home Depot and Lowe's. All are top-load models and include brands such as Whirlpool, LG and GE. The agitator style washing machines tend to be smaller, with less load capacity than those with impell...


Agitators do help certain washing machines clean better. An agitator is used to get clothes to rub together, which does a more effective job of removing many types of stains.


Videos on how to repair washing machine agitators are available on YouTube. These videos include troubleshooting, a required tool list and tips on fixing a few basic problems.


To remove a Maytag agitator, start with disconnecting the power supply from the Maytag machine. If removing the Maytag agitator from a Maytag washer, use masking tape to stick the washer lid on the top panel. Locate the retaining clips using a plastic putty knife insert...


Washing machines use several pieces of heavy internal components, including an electric motor, in conjunction with one another to spin and shake a hollow drum. Water flows freely through the drum in a rinse and drain process. This process works with chemical detergents ...