Warnock Hersey is not the brand name of a wood stove manufacturer, but rather a product safety and performance verification mark which appears on nearly 80% of all wood stove doors in North America. The WH Mark is issued... More »

Intertek's Warnock Hersey Mark is a mark certifying product safety and performance used in North America, including on wood fire-rated doors. Intertek is a company that ensures products meet safety, health, environmental... More »

Warnock Hersey is a mark used in North America to indicate compliance with building codes and safety standards on construction sites. The symbol is commonly found on wood fire-rated doors. More »

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The EPA lists the most efficient wood-burning stoves by manufacturer and product name; AJ Wells and Sons model Cove 2SR is top on the list, with Aladdin Hearth Products model Sunburst ll 2208 coming in second, as of 2015... More »

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Fireplaces that include the Warnock Hersey mark are available at thousands of fireplace retailers throughout the United States, such as Fireplace Center in Hilo, Hawaii; California Stove & Supply in Concord, California; ... More »

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To qualify for a Warnock Hersey mark, a fire door must comply with local and national codes, requirements and standards as determined by an Intertek inspection or previous certification. The Warnock Hersey mark demonstra... More »

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Rocketstove.org has factory built wood burning rocket stoves available for purchase. The EcoZoom Plancha rocket stove can be purchased for the price of $399.99 as of 2015, and it can be shipped directly to the buyers hom... More »

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