The general consensus of customers who have used Grecian Formula is that it works to cover gray hair. Grecian Formula works more gradually than regular hair dye to get rid of gray in a way that looks more natural. More »

Blending away gray hair is best done by various forms of highlighting, especially for blondes. Adding several shades of color through highlighting lets gray hair mix in naturally with the added blond streaks. For those w... More »

Used to tone down or blend away gray hair, lowlights for gray hair are achieved by coloring select strands of gray hair. In most cases, stylists use a color that is close to the natural color. However, lowlights can be a... More »

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Many mature women can change their hairstyle color either to hide gray hair or look younger. However, others prefer to not color their hair. Some older women who sport gray hair and are famous are Jamie Lee Curtis, Judi ... More »

To highlight gray hair, make sure it is in good condition, then use a vegetable dye or semipermanent glaze to add the color. These dyes will stain the hair follicles. More »

One way to keep gray hair healthy is to apply vitamin E oil to the hair and leave it overnight, washing it out in the morning. This improves shine and helps offset damage. Individuals may also use conditioners that do no... More »

As hair goes gray, it sometimes looks dull because gray hair typically does not reflect light. Solutions exist to enhance gray hair without dyeing it. More »