Warm Morning heaters were designed to burn any grade of coal, coke or wood. The heaters were manufactured and sold by the Locke Stove Company in the 1940s. More »

The company that manufactured Warm Morning propane heaters no longer exists and, as of February 2015, parts for these heaters are no longer produced. Existing parts, however, can still be sourced through online spare par... More »

Warm Morning stoves are wood, coal, gas and oil heaters previously made by the Locke Stove Company. Beginning in 1990, the stoves were manufactured by Martin Industries after the company acquired the Broilmaster and Warm... More »

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While generally safe, the primary threat posed by gas heaters is carbon monoxide poisoning, although the combustion process produces less carbon monoxide than the combustion of wood or coal. The design of these heaters a... More »

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Wood pellets are typically more expensive than natural gas, wood or coal, but less expensive than propane, electricity or heating oil. The prices of different types of heating fuel fluctuate, with some heat sources becom... More »

First, use a voltage regulator to determine if the problem is coming from the circuitry or resistors or the heating coil. Once the problem area has been pinpointed, replace the damaged components, and test the heater aga... More »

The primary benefit of an Amish heater is the attractive appearance of the wood mantel and realistic-looking flame. Otherwise, it is fairly similar in terms of heating output and electrical usage when compared to other s... More »

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