Warm colors refer to the colors that reminds one of the sun, sunset or of daytime. Examples of warm colors are red, yellow and orange, and these colors are referred to as such because they resemble fire and evoke feeling... More »

Clean a warm-mist humidifier by disassembling the unit, cleaning the water storage tank, wiping the steam chamber and disinfecting the unit. Cleaning ensures the device continues to function properly. Clean warm-mist hum... More »

A list of warm-blooded animals would include all mammals and birds (with very few exceptions), such as apes, monkeys, whales, elephants, cheetahs, giraffes, dogs, cats, pigs and humans. All reptiles, amphibians, fish and... More »

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A rainbow is caused by the sun hitting water droplets in the atmosphere and reflecting the light so that people see a spectrum of colors. Rainbows are bowed in the center due to the fact that rainbows result from a group... More »

The red and violet-blue light emitted from the sun are absorbed by the chlorophyll and used to drive most of photosynthesis. The green light is not absorbed and then reflected back which gives the leaves of plants their ... More »

For the additive set of primary colors, mixing red and blue makes magenta, blue and green make cyan, and green and red make yellow. For the subtractive set of primary colors, mixing together magenta and yellow makes red,... More »

A warming color that is very forgiving, brown can visually anchor nearly any color scheme, and in particular, blues, yellows, reds, greens and grays are ideal colors to wear with it. Additionally, there is a time-tested ... More »