Warm colors refer to the colors that reminds one of the sun, sunset or of daytime. Examples of warm colors are red, yellow and orange, and these colors are referred to as such because they resemble fire and evoke feeling... More » Science Colors

Dancers warm up to prepare their bodies for intense physical exertion. Performed immediately before dancing, a proper warm-up improves performance and reduces the likelihood of serious injury. Warming up also helps dance... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Penguins keep warm by huddling together to share body heat and cut down on the wind chill. For the penguins on the outside of the circle to keep warm, the penguins continually shuffle in a wave-like movement. The back pe... More » Pets & Animals Birds Penguins
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A rainbow is caused by the sun hitting water droplets in the atmosphere and reflecting the light so that people see a spectrum of colors. Rainbows are bowed in the center due to the fact that rainbows result from a group... More » Science Colors

The red and violet-blue light emitted from the sun are absorbed by the chlorophyll and used to drive most of photosynthesis. The green light is not absorbed and then reflected back which gives the leaves of plants their ... More » Science Colors

The colors that never result from combining two other colors are the primary colors of pigment, while the colors that produce white light when combined are the primary colors of light. Each of these categories includes t... More » Science Colors

Black is the color that absorbs the most heat among all the colors in the spectrum. Black objects absorb all wavelengths of light and reflect none of them. Absorbed light is converted to heat. More » Science Colors