Warehouse job listings can be found online at Career Builder, Snag A Job and Indeed. These sites list thousands of jobs in warehouses, as of 2015, and all are searchable by location. More »

An effective warehouse worker job description focuses on the key elements of the position, including the movement of items throughout the warehouse, obtaining specific items to fill orders, and preparing the orders for s... More »

To get a warehouse job with United Parcel Service, visit Choose your language from the drop-down menu, then click Continue. Click Search Jobs Now, and click Go. Enter the keyword “warehouse,” and en... More »

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When creating a job posting on Career Builder, include the title of the job, its obligations and the requirements for candidates, such as minimum education levels or past work experience. You should also include informat... More »

Job postings for babysitting can be found on and Sittercity, as of February 2015. Each website requires babysitters to set up a profile, after which they can apply to job posts. More »