Reviews of Walkfit Platinum Orthotics indicate that the product works as advertised, as of 2015. Customer reviews of the product are available on and A professional review is available on the F... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Plantar fasciitis can be treated with medication, physical therapy, orthotics and surgery, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Other treatments for plantar fasciitis include night splints, steroids and shock therapy. More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Abreva cream works by blocking the cold sore virus and protecting healthy cells once the product penetrates the skin, explains Abreva. It can treat a cold sore within two and a half days. More » Health Medications & Vitamins
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According to the Federal Trade Commission, the manufacturers of Sensa claim the product works by changing the smell and taste of food, thereby making users feel full faster. When people eat less due to Sensa's properties... More » Health Medications & Vitamins Vitamins & Supplements

Reviews for Walkfit orthotics are more favorable than unfavorable, as shows. Out of 13 reviews, eight users rate the orthotics with four out of five stars or higher, and five users rate the orthotics with one s... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

According to Comparaboo, a site devoted to product reviews, the top-rated heating pad on the market is the Sunbeam 2013-912 XpressHeat Heating Pad, with an overall score of 9.9 out of 10. This product is also Amazon's be... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Proactiv is effective and works for those individuals suffering from mild to slightly moderate acne. Success in more severe cases of acne has not been proven. Proactiv is not a medication that is available widely in stor... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Skin Blemishes