A waffle iron uses electric current to heat a resistive heating element, transferring that heat to molded iron plates that cook waffle batter between them. A built-in thermostat maintains the heat for the proper length o... More »

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To clean a waffle iron, use a damp paper towel, a dry paper towel, and a chop stick or pencil. Use cooking oil for baked-on batter, and use a sponge and soapy water to clean all removable plates. More »

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Cake mix waffles and waffle grilled cheese are waffle iron recipes that are easy to make. A Belgian waffle recipe is also simple to prepare. More »

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A tankless boiler uses a powerful heating element and heat exchanger to heat water on demand instead of maintaining a tank of hot water. These systems are more energy efficient, since no energy has to be wasted keeping a... More »

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An immersion water heater runs on electricity and heats the water via a heating element immersed inside the water tank. They are set up much like gas water heaters but don't have the same ventilation requirements. More »

An electric iron is used to remove wrinkles from clothing, tablecloths, drapes and other fabric items. Read the iron's manual to determine whether or not steam is needed to iron the fabric or garment. If so, fill the iro... More »

Combi, or combination, boilers use gas to supply both hot water and heat. They do not use storage tanks, because water comes directly from the water supply source. Combi boilers are especially useful in small homes becau... More »

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