Exercises to build vocabulary include studying Greek and Latin roots and recording new words. These practices can help learners better comprehend new words and commit them to memory. More » Education Homework Help Study Skills

Practicing vocabulary words with kids can be done using online resources such as online vocabulary games available at, using vocabulary building sites like or downloading an application such as the... More » Education

As of 2015, three recognized vocabulary books on the market are "Word Power Made Easy" by Norman Lewis, "Webster’s New Explorer Vocabulary Skill Builder" and "Build Your Vocabulary Skills: A Quick and Easy Method" by Joh... More » Education
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Some ways to learn and remember medical terms are by using mnemonic devices, looking up words in a medical dictionary, drilling with flashcards, playing games such as medical term bingo, and learning the Greek and Latin ... More » Education Homework Help Study Skills

WorldlyWise Book 5 helps build vocabulary by including a wide variety of sentences with example words in them for students to get used to, according to Amazon. It also includes quizzes, games, and online components to su... More » Education Homework Help Study Skills

Some useful tips for practicing vocabulary include reading a lot, learning words in context and practicing new words through repetition. Other useful vocabulary tips include using mnemonics and word association to improv... More » Education Homework Help Study Skills

Some encouraging words for students include "I can see you have worked hard on this assignment," "You are a quick learner" and "Your vocabulary has improved immensely." By noticing and thanking students for their efforts... More » Education Homework Help Study Skills