Samsung televisions are often more technologically advanced than televisions produced by Vizio, but are also more expensive. Samsung televisions also offer some unique features not available on Vizio televisions, such as... More »

To replace a Vizio manual, go to the Vizio support website, click on User Manual at the bottom of the home page, and then input the television’s model number. This brings up a digital version of the corresponding manual,... More » Technology Television & Video

As of 2015, the four highest-rated TV manufacturers are Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic. All of these brands provide TVs with excellent picture quality, high reliability and a wide array of features. More » Technology Television & Video

Vizio manufactures its televisions in Taiwan or China, depending on the size of the televisions. The majority of Vizio televisions are manufactured in Taiwan by a company named Amtran Technology, which supplies Vizio wit... More »

People can find help with calibrating their TV setting by visiting Vizio's support section online at Vizio also offers technical support via a toll-free number. More » Technology Television & Video

Both Sony and Samsung televisions are considered high-quality devices that offer unique features, such as the curved screens available on some Samsung televisions. However, televisions produced by both companies tend to ... More »

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