To setup a Vizio television, select a location to mount it. Mount the television on a wall, or mount it on a tabletop. The user needs a screwdriver, the wall mount hardware and HDMI cables. More » Technology Television & Video

Samsung televisions are often more technologically advanced than televisions produced by Vizio, but are also more expensive. Samsung televisions also offer some unique features not available on Vizio televisions, such as... More » is the best place to find a replacement TV screen. The company offers its own brand of replacement screens for different types of televisions. More » Home & Garden Appliances has a series of articles for troubleshooting Vizio television remotes. also has tips for troubleshooting a Vizio TV remote, including an article on how to fix a Vizio TV remote in five simple steps. More » Technology Television & Video

To replace a Vizio manual, go to the Vizio support website, click on User Manual at the bottom of the home page, and then input the television’s model number. This brings up a digital version of the corresponding manual,... More » Technology Television & Video

A numeric code can be used to remotely access a VIZIO television by entering the code into a universal remote control device. Cable and satellite codes for VIZIO televisions can be two-digit, three-digit, four-digit or f... More »

Vizio remote codes allow Vizio universal remotes to work with just about any type of television. Entering the code for the right type of TV activates the remote and enables it to control the TV. More »