The VizRemote is a television remote control app available in the Google Play Store for download on most smart phones. For iPhones, users need to download the iWavit application from the App Store to control the Vizio sm... More »

As of 2015, consumers looking to buy a 50-inch television can purchase one at discount retail stores such as Wal-Mart and Target. TV shoppers can also buy this size TV electronic retail stores such as Best Buy. More » Technology Television & Video

As of 2015, television sets with built-in Wi-Fi include the Samsung UN smart TV models, Sony KDL Bravia models and Vizio M-Series TVs. LG, Toshiba and Sharp are some other television brands with built-in Wi-Fi. More » Technology Television & Video

A numeric code can be used to remotely access a VIZIO television by entering the code into a universal remote control device. Cable and satellite codes for VIZIO televisions can be two-digit, three-digit, four-digit or f... More »

Codes to program a Vizio remote vary depending on the brand of television used with the remote. Some codes for a Dell brand TV are 0209, 0028 and 0132. A Luxman brand TV uses codes 0004 and 0009. More » Technology Television & Video has a series of articles for troubleshooting Vizio television remotes. also has tips for troubleshooting a Vizio TV remote, including an article on how to fix a Vizio TV remote in five simple steps. More » Technology Television & Video

According to Verizon, the remote control codes for an Olevia television are 3131, 3226, 3231, 3232, and 3233 as of October 2014. These codes work with all Verizon remote controls except for the P265. For that remote, the... More »