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Cardholders can find out the balance on their Visa debit reward cards by visiting their card issuers' website or calling the phone number on the back of their cards, notes Visa. The list of Visa debit card issuers is available on the Visa website.


It is possible to find the balance on your Visa debit card by going to the website of the card issuer or by calling its toll-free customer service number. Some merchants, such as Barnes & Noble, Marshalls, Nordstrom and Office Max, can verify the balance on your card at the time of sale. Not all com


The balance of a Visa reward or gift card can be checked on the website of whichever organization issued the card or by calling their respective customer service numbers. Certain merchants, such as Barnes & Noble and Kmart, also allow holders to check their balance at a point of sale.


Some features of the Verizon Visa Rewards debit card are that it is a prepaid card that customers may use anywhere Visa is accepted, and customers may earn points when using the card. Points earned through Verizon's residential services get added to the card and the Verizon Visa Rewards card is as g


After signing up for a Visa debit card a personal identification number, or PIN, is sent to the user from Visa in order to use the card. The card can then be activated online, by making a deposit, or by calling the toll-free number listed on the card’s sticker.


Check a debit card balance by reviewing a recent bank statement, contacting the issuing bank, or using an ATM to access the account with which the card is associated, Consumer.gov advises. Many debit cards are issued after people open checking accounts with banks or credit unions.


What happens when a consumer goes over the debit card's balance varies based on the bank that card is issued by. There are some banks that offer overdraft protection, while others simply decline any transaction that is not covered by the funds in the account.


You can check your Momentum Visa debit card balance at MomentumCard.com or by calling 866-914-6051, according to the card's official website. You can also check your balance wherever Momentum cards are sold, including Money Mart and The Check Cashing Store.


To make online purchases with a Visa debit card, enter the debit card information on the payment section of the online retailer's checkout process, according to Justin Pritchard for About.com. The retailer processes the order as a credit transaction, but Visa deducts the amount from your checking ac


To activate a Visa debit card by phone, call the toll-free phone number provided by the bank issuing the card, and then follow instructions, instructs Wells Fargo. You can also activate Visa debit cards with a bank teller, according to U.S. Bank.