Sell vinyl records by grading their sound quality and appearance, determining their version and general selling price and then listing them on sites such as Discogs or eBay. The market for vinyl records has grown signifi... More » Technology Audio Equipment

As of 2015, a good place to buy rare vinyl records is the Music Stack website. The site specializes in locating and selling more than a million records and CDs. More » Hobbies & Games Collecting, and are online marketplaces where individuals can sell vinyl records. offers free listings with no expiration dates, whereas listings posted on expire after set perio... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

The most efficient places to sell old vinyl records are online marketplaces such as Discogs, eBay and Amazon. Brick-and-mortar record stores may accept trade-ins or sales, but this varies widely by local area as most sto... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting

The easiest way to keep vintage records clean is to gently dust them before and after each use. Vinyl records are delicate, and they can easily be damaged by harsh solvents and abrasive tools, though distilled water may ... More » Technology Audio Equipment

One common way to sell old cassette tapes is on eBay, the Internet auction website. A seller must have an active account with eBay to sell old cassette tapes. More » Technology Audio Equipment

To find out how much old vinyl records are worth, do a price comparison using the record's serial number, artist name or album name. Record owners can also use price guides or consult a record store to determine the valu... More »