Many free vinyl record price guides are available online, such as and These sites attempt to compile the general selling prices of records, both rare and common. More »

Sell vinyl records by grading their sound quality and appearance, determining their version and general selling price and then listing them on sites such as Discogs or eBay. The market for vinyl records has grown signifi... More » Technology Audio Equipment, and are online marketplaces where individuals can sell vinyl records. offers free listings with no expiration dates, whereas listings posted on expire after set perio... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Find record collector’s price guides at sites such as and Discogs. These sites allow users to search and browse the prices of records both popular and obscure. More »

Two good rare record price guides available online are Popsike.con and Both offer price guides without fees or membership, and both use information from auctions to provide prices. More »

There is no record of wildlife artist Charles Frace autographing price guides. If price guides autographed by Frace exist, inquiries to acquire one can be made by emailing the family of Charles Frace at info@fracewildlif... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

Ways to estimate the value of vinyl records include researching online price guides, using published price guides, checking online auction houses and visiting record stores. The value of vinyl records ultimately depends ... More »