The first step in installing the Veranda vinyl fencing is to select a fence that suits the house design best. Next, select the position of placement of the vinyl fencing. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Basic fence supplies include posts, nodes and fabric. Posts are the vertical members that are anchored in the ground. Nodes connect multiple sections of fencing for corners or gates. Fence fabric is what creates a vertic... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

To install vinyl fencing, dig the post holes, position the posts, attach the fence panels to the poles, install any accessories, and finish the project by installing a gate. Prior to installation, consult with neighbors ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor
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Some tips for installing Veranda composite or vinyl fencing include how to prepare the installation site, how to dig postholes and how to set fence posts. Builders should check local laws, neighborhood restrictions and o... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Consumer complaints regarding Veranda decking material are numerous, ranging from mold and mildew accumulation to scuffing, pitting and warping, and in some cases, premature deterioration and breakage of the boards. In 2... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

A cyclone fence is a type of fencing material made of interwoven galvanized metal. Also commonly referred to as a chain link fence, this type of fencing comes in rolls and is generally attached to metal poles with clips. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

To install a snow fence, gather information about the installation location, gather the necessary material and tools, install the posts and attach the fencing to the posts. The fence can be wooden or plastic, depending o... More » Home & Garden Outdoor