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Vincent D'Onofrio is considered an "actor's actor," as his dedication to his work is envied by others in his field. He is best known for his performance in "Full Metal Jacket," and in TV shows such as "Daredevil" and "Law and Order: Criminal Intent."


Vincent D'Onofrio is best known on television for his role as Detective Robert Goren on the dramatic series "Law and Order: Criminal Intent." He appeared in all seasons, though not all episodes, of the series, which ran from 2001 to 2011.


As of 2015, Vincent D'Onofrio's wife is Carin van der Donk, a former Dutch model. The couple married in 1997, and they have two sons, Elias and Luka.


American actor Vincent D'Onofrio's daughter is Leila George. George's mother is Italian-Australian actress Greta Scacchi, with whom D'Onofrio co-starred with in several movies. George was born in 1992.


Medical challenges faced by Vincent D'Onofrio include autism and dyslexia. During his time on "Law and Order: Criminal Intent," he collapsed multiple times due to exhaustion, and his weight fluctuated. While filming "Full Metal Jacket," he injured his knee and required surgery.


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Vincent Price was born in Missouri in 1911. Though American, Price debuted as an actor on an English stage in the 1930s. Though well-known for his horror movies, Price didn't become a fixture in the horror genre until his role in 1953's "House of Wax."


Daredevil was a great show that had some of the best fight scenes in Marvel Cinematic Universe history, and characters like Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin. Although Marvel’s TV shows have been pretty hit or miss, there are certain aspects about those shows that fans generally agree on. For example, fan


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Vincent D'Onofrio, Actor: Men in Black. Vincent Phillip D'Onofrio was born on June 30, 1959 in Brooklyn, New York, to Phyllis, a restaurant manager and server, and Gene D'Onofrio, a theatre production assistant and interior designer. He is of Italian descent and has two older sisters. He studied at the Actors Studio and the American Stanislavski Theatre.