To create a customized postcard, cut a thin piece of colored cardboard paper down to about 3.5 by 5 inches or no bigger than 4.5 by 6 inches. Decide what kind of embellishments you want to use to decorate the card, and c... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

The value of an old postcard can be found in guides including volumes published by Kovels and Picture Postcard Values. Kovels has an online subscription service that allows users to view prices of various postcards. Pict... More »

Puzzle categories on JigZone include Animals, Art, Flowers & Gardens, Ocean Life and Nature Scenes. The site divides each category into multiple sub-categories. A full list of categories and puzzles is available on JigZo... More » Hobbies & Games Puzzles & Brainteasers

BIt ispossibel to design blank postcard templates in Microsoft Word through the Template menu. Word has several pre-made postcard templates available by default, which are easy to edit and change to fit your needs. More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

Some tips for making your own membership certificates include designing or choosing a template, choosing supplies, such as foil seals and paper, and writing copy. Include membership account numbers and expiration dates i... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

Free music clip art can jazz up a report or sheet music on your computer; use it by copying and pasting it onto a corner of the paper layout. You could also print out the clip art and use it for crafts and other projects... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

Stickers have two layers, a printed solid shape and a protective backing paper covering the adhesive used to secure it to another object. Decals add a third layer, a paper backing that covers the decal as it is transferr... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design