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There can be varied solutions to transfer mini DV to DVD, but the most straightforward and simple one is to use a DVD recorder. While using this method, you ...


We transfer VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi-8, and Digital 8, Mini DV tapes, home movies to DVD or tapes to digital file. Located in Woodbridge VA, ...


Patchin Pictures will transfer or convert your video and audio tapes to CD, DVD, and/or data files, making them not only easier to enjoy and share with ...


Let us convert your old VHS, Cinefilm, Betamax, Hi8 and more into a modern, digital file or a DVD.


We can also handle foreign formats like PAL and SECAM. Video Transfer & Digital File(s) Services. Video Transfers to DVD as low as $9.95 (under 30:00).


Preserve your home videos on modern formats that are easy to play. We can transfer VHS to DVD so you can share and enjoy your memories.


We transfer VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, MiniDV and other formats to DVD. We offer video conversions and tape transfers of your home movies from VHS, VHS-C, 8mm Video, ...


We convert any videotape format to DVD. We digitize videotapes and most professional formats as long as there is no copyright on the original host tape.


Video to Digital Video to DVD We can convert your non-copyrighted videos to DVD. We offer this service in-house and at very reasonable rates.


1 to 1 transfer. Tapes combined $ 15.00 each. DVD transfer to Flash Drive + $ 10.00. Type of file ( MPG-4, AVI or WMV). Hard Drive Camcorder, phone, ...


Video transfer service from Digital Pickle is unique, offering wide ranges of VHS to DVD conversion, video production and video transfer services with ...