Codec is a program that encodes and decodes digital data streams or signals. It stands for compression/decompression, but is also referred to as compressor/decompressor or code/decode. More »

Install the MKV codec in Windows Media Player by downloading the codec pack and running the installer. Once installed, import the MKV file to WMP, and test the playback. You need an Internet-ready computer with Windows 7... More »

To extract the audio stream from a video file, download and install a video converter utility that supports multiple video and audio formats, such as Any Video Converter. Add the video file to AVC, select the desired aud... More »

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DivX is a commercial algorithm that encodes and decodes videos in order to compress their file size. While the source code of DivX is not available to the public, DivX operates similarly to other codecs available to vide... More »

In computers, a field is a space that holds specific parts of data from a set or a record. Multiple data fields form rows or database records where an entire page full of related data, such as user information, is saved ... More »

FoxPro is a programming language and database management system used to create software and support relationships between computer data files. It was derived from several earlier languages, including dBase II, dBase III ... More »

A DSS - or decision support system - is designed to provide effective analysis relevant to specific situations while an MIS - management information system - is designed for the efficient processing of data or informatio... More »