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Many food companies which are popular now were started in the Victorian era, while others we still enjoy today were founded even earlier. These sweet little pastilles date back all the way to 1591; they were enjoyed through the Renaissance, the Victorian era, and are still going strong today!


Victorian Food Facts for Kids: Food for Rich and Poor The Victorian people clearly loved to eat. However, unlike today where we spend a good portion of our time eating food, the Victorian era featured people who really ate only two true meals per day.


It’s been a while since I wrote a post on a good old British steamed pudding, and this is one of my all-time favourites. Spotted Dick is a great pudding because it lies somewhere in between a suet pudding and a sponge pudding and is borne of that period of prolific pudding invention: the Victorian Era.


What Did Rich Victorians Eat? ... During the Victorian era, tinned food was available for the first time, but tinned meat was usually consumed by the poor because it was less expensive than fresh meats. Fish was also more widely available thanks to railway lines and ice.


So what did Victorian poor eat? The basic difference between an upper-class house and a working class house would be in terms of the food. In the case of the wealthy, there would be a variety of bread to choose from and other ingredients like onions, meat, butter, cheese, etc which formed a part of their life.


Food and Cooking in Victorian England: A History (Victorian Life and Times) [Andrea L. Broomfield] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nine recipes serve as entry points for detailing the history of food production, cooking, and diet throughout Queen Victoria's reign in England. More than that


Victorian Tea Party: Bring back an elegant pastime of the afternoon tea, an important social event for ladies in days gone by. Recreating a Victorian Tea Party with Victorian tea party food can be one of the most delightful and unique ideas in entertaining in today’s hectic lifestyle. A High Tea was a meal or supper, served on a high table, at the end of the workday, shortly after five PM.


The foods in victorian times. By ukykukyu Breakfast was about 9 o 'clock , then the l unch was taken about mid-day and was always followed by a wonderful pudding, finally d inner was a very grand meal with anything from 20 to 40 dishes in the menu! Edit.


During Victorian times, food became much simpler and plainer than previously. There was a slow move away from the extraordinary mix of flavours that often drowned out the main ingredients, to a slightly simpler taste.


A long while ago I wrote a series on Victorian cooking (here, here, here, and here). Many people asked about specific Victorian recipes or dishes, either for a Victorian dinner-party or to bring a fun snack to school for presentations and such. In the nineteenth century, cooking wasn't really a hobby, it was either a…