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Preserve your home videos with VHS, Hi8, MiniDV to DVD or thumb drive transfers. Audio Cassette to digital. Located in Central Maine.


Sep 2, 2016 ... You can transfer several types of videotapes to DVDs including VHS and S-VHS, Beta, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital 8, 8mm and MiniDV. The service ...


VHS-C was a compact version of the popular standard VHS tapes. ... You can have your VHS-C tapes transferred to a custom-labeled DVD or digital file.


We've transferred thousands of 8mm film, VHS tape, and other forms of tape and cassette media into DVDs and other long-lasting digital formats.


Chicago VHS tapes to DVD transfer service. We also transfer mini-dv, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital 8, or 8mm tapes to external hard drives.


Transfer from VHS, VHS-C, video 8, Hi 8, DV, Mini DV and more. We also transfer movie film. Click here to see our Film Transfer page.


We no longer transfer to DVD or Blu-Ray disks. ... VHS-C is the compact VHS videocassette format, introduced in 1982, and used primarily for consumer-grade ...


Aug 9, 2021 ... How much does it cost to convert VHS to DVD at Walmart? This blog will cover it and show you how to use the Walmart Video Transfer services ...


Convert VHS tapes to DVD. Preserve old VCR tapes in digital format. Convert audio cassette tapes, Local service for switching analog to digital.


DVD/CD OUTPUT FROM VHS,VHS-C, Hi8, OR MINI-DV. ESTIMATED DVD, ESTIMATED PRICE PER MPG1 CD ... Our video film transfer services are charged by footage.


VHS, VHS-C, BETA, 8mm video, Mini DV, and of course, your old 8mm and 16mm movies. Here is more information about our Video to DVD Transfer services.