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12 ft SVGA VGA to RGB Cable for HDTV VGA to Component Video 12' Foot AV - NEW. by BattleBorn. $9.72 $ 9 72. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. 5 out of 5 stars 1. Product Features SVGA to Component. Cable Matters VGA to VGA Cable (SVGA Cable) 50 Feet (Available 3FT - 100 FT in Length)


This is the specially made adapter cable intended to be used for connecting a 15Khz RGB signal to our RGB converter AV-1 model with standard VGA output to LCD flat panel display.


Connectors 15-pin HD-15 Male VGA to 3RCA Male Component Video. This cable is intended for using with projectors that use a VGA connector for their component (YPbPr) video connection.

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Type: Mini HDMI to VGA; Color: White; Cable Length: 6.9in; Specifications: Supports Mini HDMI Standard Norm Compliant with HDMI 1.4 specification Analog RGB output for VGA with Triple 9-bit DAC up to 200MHz pixel rate. Supports VESA and CEA timing standards up to WUXGA 1920x1200@60MHz and 1920x1080@60MHz.


Some newer televisions are compatible with VGA cables, but most are not. If you want to connect a television to a computer to be used in lieu of a monitor, it is necessary to convert the VGA cable into an RGB (red, green, blue) component video cable. This is easily done by using the proper adapter.


The analog RGB connector on an LCD screen is used to connect the monitor to a computer -- which is an RGB video input source. Likewise, the VGA port is an analog port connecting the the monitor to a computer.


15 Pin RGB Cable. Electronics. Computers. Computer Accessories. Computer Cables & Connectors. 15 Pin RGB Cable. ... Product - Refurbished Tripp Lite P502-015 15 Feet SVGA/VGA Monitor Cable with RGB Coaxial - 1 x 15-pin HD-15 Male, 1 x 15-pin HD-15 Male - Black. Reduced Price. Product Image.


Plug the VGA end of your VGA to RGB component cable into the VGA output located on the back of your computer. This slot should be clearly labeled. Step. Plug the RGB end of the VGA to RGB component cable into an available component cable input on your television.


I have a VGA (15 pin) output on my laptop and I want to send the picture to the RGB (PC in) input on my LG 5020 LCD TV. I also have a s-video output from the laptop and s-video input on the TV. Which is the best way to go for picture quality and is there a straight vga to rgb cable or do I need a converter.


VGA Cables. Showing 40 of 3223 results that match your query. Search Product Result. Product - DP to VGA Adapter ,ABLEGRID DisplayPort(DP) Male To VGA Female Cable Adapter for PC Laptop Macbook ... Product - USB 3.1 Type C To VGA Cable Adapter Type-C VGA Converter Connector For Apple Macbook Chromebook Pixel Lumia. Clearance. Product Image.