You can locate the Veterans of Foreign Wars post closest to you by using the VFW post locator tool on This tool allows you to use either your city and state or a ZIP code as a search variable to find a VFW post. More »

A VFW post directory is a listing of physical Veterans of Foreign Wars post locations in the United States with details such as post numbers, phone numbers, names, addresses, meeting locations and times, quartermasters, ... More »

To find Ohio VFW posts, navigate to the Ohio VFW website, hover over About Us on the Web page task bar, and select Locate Your Post from the drop-down menu. This link provides a PDF document that lists Ohio VFW posts alp... More »

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Obtain a VFW membership by logging on to the Veterans of Foreign Wars website at and completing the online application. Alternatively, visit a local VFW facility to complete the application and pay the annual or ... More »

Women can join the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars by completing an application on the organization's website. Each member has to pay a yearly membership fee of $20 or a lifetime membership fee determine... More »

To join the Veterans of Foreign Wars, apply online or contact a local VFW post. Post locations within the United States are available online and may be searched by city, state or ZIP code. To be eligible for membership, ... More »

Although many of the rewards are the same regardless of whether one purchases a Bronze, Silver or Gold "Legacy Life Membership" in the Veterans of Foreign Wars, only Gold level members are rewarded with a hat patch and p... More »