Prayers intended for veterans include "A Prayer for Veterans Day," "A Veterans Prayer" and "Taps." These prayers emphasize thanking God for men and women that have completed their military service. More » World View Religion

Some military prayers are "A Prayer, For Those in the Military" and "Prayers in a Time of War For Troops." Another military prayer that thanks God for the service of the military is "A Prayer for Veterans Day." More » Government & Politics Military

Veterans Day is an American federal holiday celebrated each year on November eleventh. The day honors those who have served in the United States military. More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays
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Some well-known prayers are "The Lord's Prayer" and "Psalm 23." Another well-known prayer is "Hail Mary," a prayer that Catholic worshippers pray to the mother of Jesus. More » World View Religion

Some healing prayers are "Short Prayer for Healing" and "Powerful Prayer for Healing." Additional prayers that focus on God's mercy and pleas for healing are "Prayer for a Sick Person" and "Prayer for Healing and Comfort... More » World View Religion

Common prayers for teens to learn include "The Lord's Prayer" and prayers to bring the teenager good friends. Another common prayer for a teenager to learn is to ask God for guidance in making important decisions. More » World View Religion

Prayers for a good harvest include the Catholic "Blessing of the Harvest" and "Prayer of Farmers." Similarly, "Good Harvest" is a prayer that thanks God for providing food for all creation in the universe. More » World View Religion