A vest pattern is a set of instructions and diagrams to construct a vest, which is a sleeveless garment that covers the torso and typically fastens in the front. Vest patterns are typically designed for fabric and leathe... More »

Style a denim vest with patterned pants, a flowing maxi skirt or cuffed shorts. Women can create a trendy look with a graphic tee and high-rise shorts. Men can create a casual day look with a crew-neck tee and darkwash j... More »

A jean vest for men is a piece of sleeveless clothing that fits over a shirt. Men's jean vests are used for both style as well as function, such as warmth. Jean vests have a similar look to jean jackets without sleeves. More »

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An Airsoft tactical vest is a garment worn over the torso during tactical operations or games in order to provide insulation, protection and weapon storage. Many Airsoft tactical vests come in a variety of color patterns... More »

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, requires that the colors of a safety vest, which are typically bright red, yellow, neon green or orange, contrast significantly from the surrounding area so the... More »