Some good sources for cheap used textbooks include Chegg and Bigwords. Both sites allow students to find hefty savings on college textbooks, typically at prices far below those of campus bookstores. More » Education

Options for cheap textbooks include renting, buying used, sharing with a classmate and using an e-book version. Sources include the college bookstore and online retailers such as and Chegg. Aggregator sites su... More » Education

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You can order textbooks online through sites such as Chegg and Both of these sites typically offer college textbooks at lower prices than college bookstores, and both also give students the option to rent cer... More » Education

College students can purchase electronic versions of their textbooks and read them online at the Chegg and CourseSmart websites, and they can also find free digital textbooks at such sites as Boundless and the College Op... More » Education

Students can find discounted textbooks on websites that offer new and used books at less than the retail price; some of these include Chegg, Amazon and AbeBooks. Other options include buying used textbooks from other stu... More » Education

The worth of used textbooks depends on how much they sell for on the open market, their edition and condition. Common buyback sites include,, and These sites are alternati... More » Education