Vertices are the points, or corners, in geometrical and mathematical shapes where two or more lines meet but do not cross, according to Math Open Reference. Vertices can exist in two-dimensional and three-dimensional sha... More »

In geometry, a vertex is defined as a point where two or more lines meet. A triangle has three vertices. A parallelogram has four vertices. A six-sided figure has six vertices. A pentagon is a five-sided figure and has f... More » Math Geometry

A hexagonal prism has 12 vertices, along with eight faces and 18 edges. This shape has two hexagonal sides, as well as size rectangular sides that connect the sides of the hexagons. More »

Geometry is defined as the area of mathematics dealing with points, lines, shapes and space. Geometry is important because the world is made up of different shapes and spaces. It is broken into plane geometry, flat shape... More »

A point in geometry is the exact position or location on a plane surface, according to Math Open Reference. Points are typically displayed as dots, and they are given upper case letters for a name to make them easy to id... More »

In math, a compound shape consists of two or more simple shapes, such as triangles, squares, circles and rectangles. Another name for a compound shape is a composite shape. An example of this concept is a triangle placed... More »

To make a tally chart, single lines are drawn next to one another until reaching five, where the fifth line crosses the four other lines diagonally. This is a simple charting method that can be used quickly for surveys o... More »