As of 2015, the Verizon Wireless website features a store locator where customers can search for local stores using either their zip code or street address. The website also features a list of states, where customers can... More » Technology Mobile

The Hydro Elite, manufactured by Kyocera, is a waterproof smartphone sold by Verizon Wireless. The 4G LTE Android phone can survive exposure to rain and immersion for up to 30 minutes in water as deep as 3.28 feet. More » Food Food Facts Cheese

Verizon has a service plan for seniors over the age of 65, as of January 2015. The plan is called the "Nationwide 65 Plus Plan" and has a number of options for messaging and data allowances. More » Technology Mobile
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Verizon Wireless customers can activate their phones online by logging into their My Verizon account on the mobile carrier's official website. The Activate Device option is located on the Activate or Switch Device page. ... More » Technology Mobile

Cricket Wireless offers a store locator page on its website that can search for stores within a short distance of a zip code or address. This page features a full map of the continental United States and places easily di... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Cricket

Customers can sign up for cell service with Verizon Wireless online, or in-person at a Verizon Wireless store. Customers who already have a Verizon compatible device can sign up by selecting and purchasing the service pl... More » Technology Mobile

My Verizon is a free online service that allows Verizon Wireless customers to access their accounts from the wireless telecommunications provider's website. Because the service is Internet-based, customers can make chang... More » Technology Mobile