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A Verizon Wireless Pix Flix message is a text message that is received when a picture or video message is sent to a mobile phone that does not have the capability to retrieve it.


Since about 12pm ET today (1/7/2014) I've received eight messages directing me to go to a Pix-Flix Account because I have a new message. The exact text is: "You've got a PIX or FLIX message!


I received a "FLIX Message" notice and have been trying unsuccessfully to access it. I have reviewed the discussions and tried the various solutions to no ... Same message and it shows "CURRENT FEATURE" for the 'Backup Assistant Plus for Media / Verizon Cloud FREE'. ... have you previously used the PIX/FLIX service? If so, ...


Verizon Wireless offers services for pictures and videos that allows you to send them to friends and family. You need to activate the PIX/FLIX messages by signing up at the Verizon Wireless website to allow for the PIX/FLIX service to be active.


Verizon Messages. With Verizon Messages you can check your messages from your phone, tablet or computer. Share photos, videos, create groups (up to 250 participants), plus add or remove members. Make and receive calls from your tablet over Wi-Fi or cellular, domestic or international.


The Mobile to Mobile Messaging bundles below include Unlimited Messaging to Verizon Wireless customers and additional messages for non-Verizon Wireless customers. Think about how you and your family connect and choose the bundle that fits your lifestyles. ... Airtime charges apply when sending, receiving or uploading messages to Pix Place ...


Welcome to Verizon Forums - the unofficial Verizon community! Have a question about Verizon? ... Unlimited txt, pix & flix - charged for pix & flix on pda. kttmf, Nov 28, 2008 #1. kttmf New Member. Messages: 70 ... When I cross-reference the Data charges with the pix/flix messages I send or receive they match up perfectly.


Frequently Asked Questions about Caller ID Block from Verizon Wireless. Back to previous page . Caller ID & Caller ID Blocking FAQs . General Information. What is Caller ID? What is Caller ID Blocking? What is City ID? How do I block Caller ID on a per-call basis? Can I block Text, Pix and Flix messages? How can I block a restricted number from ...


I notice I keep on getting High Data Usage Charges...Whats causing this? I have Unlimited TXT/PIX/FLIX/CALL I Instant Message like Crazy. (Does that... Log in or Sign up. ... Expecting Cell Phone Forums? We recently moved Verizon specific content to VerizonForums.com. If you previously had an account on CPF, it has been transferred! Dismiss ...


How Do You Send a Text Message With VZW Pix? To send a message containing text, photo or video, first press the menu key on your mobile phone. ... You can include text, photo, video or audio in your message. VZW Pix is a free service offered by Verizon Wireless only for customers that have a VZW wireless phone plan. Subscribers can use VZW Pix ...