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Services that Verizon offers include fiber optics service Internet and TV and the digital voice phone service. It also provides home phone services, DirecTV and access to high-speed DSL Internet. Other services include cloud storage, Internet security utilities and device protection plans.


The best place to get information about Verizon Wireless service plans is the Verizon Wireless website. The website includes complete information about available plans and terms of service. It also has a comparison tool to allow shoppers to compare the benefits of different plans.


To activate a Verizon phone, go to the online activation page in My Verizon. Select the line on which the device needs activation and then select the Activate Device option.


Using the Activate or Switch Device page in the My Verizon control panel on the Verizon Wireless website, choose which line you would like to active the device for, select Next, and then choose Activate Device. Follow the guide and enter the required information to activate the device.


The phone number for the Verizon customer service line is 1-800-837-4966 or 1-800-VERIZON, as of October 2015. This line is for customers who wish to speak about products, service plans, technical issues or billing concerns.


Some basic Verizon phone models are flip phones such as the DuraXV or Revere 3, or non-flip models such as the Extravert 2 or Cosmos 3. Verizon offers a whole line of basic models, including Kyocera, LG and Samsung phones.


As of 2015, Motorola exclusively manufactures Droid phones for Verizon Wireless. The premiere partnership started in 2013 with the Droid family of products, including the Droid Plus, Droid Ultra Maxx and the Droid Ultra Mini. Verizon has also teamed up with Motorola during the launching of the origi


Verizon has a mobile app available called Verizon Mobile Security Premium that can help with issues related to preventing lost cell phones. It has many built-in features for cell phone security. This app is available for download and installation on Android smartphones.


Verizon payments can be made by phone by dialling *611 from a mobile phone, which gives the caller access to Verizon's Automated Voice System. The caller can also use the call code #PMT to make a payment on her Verizon bill using this system.


The customer service number for Verizon Wireless is (800) 922-0204, as of 2015. If a person is calling from a mobile phone that has Verizon Wireless service then she can also dial *611.